Afghan Writer Translation and linguistic Services (AWTLS) is a leading professional and accredited translation services company in Afghanistan with more than a decade experience in translation, capacity-building and linguistic services.

Afghan Writer Institute of Translation and Languages (AWITL) is educational part of Afghan Writer Translation and Linguistic services which provides standard educational programs in Practical translation and languages with a unique curriculum and widespread academic cooperation and accreditations.

Afghan Writer has sound experience in translation of different books, research papers, educational manuals and documentaries, we have network of first-class professional translators, for more information we kindly refer you to our clients.

Our Competitive advantages:
 Network of first-class professional translators;
 Theoretical and Practical Instruction of Translation;
 Training in different packages of Translation;
 Quality controlled translation services;
 Fast turnaround deadlines and ensured capacity;
 Professional and academic linguistic services;
 Wide-ranging Accreditations and working relations and
 Utilizing new methods and tools.

1. Translation Life Cycle
Our internal process is well planned and tested ensuring that clients are delivered with the quality at right the right time. First, we assign a dedicated Project Manager that oversees all aspects of the translation project. Next, we appoint language teams based on industry and content needs. Then, we leverage Translation Memory tools to create glossaries and databases for each client. By using memory tools, all subsequent translations will be consistent and cost effective. Once completed, the translation must pass a series of quality assurance metrics before final delivery can occur.


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• Written and Simultaneous Translation
Afghan Writer provides complete professional and quality controlled translation and interpretation services with providing of edit, design and turnkey layout services in a variety of programs.

• Training in Language and Translation skills
Our language training programs are built for serious learners with specific language goals. Learners are trained with the modern and improved curriculum and technological facilities.

6. Educational Programs
We offer programs to the clients and individuals who are interested to pursue a professional career in translation and interpretation. During the programs through extensive practice and assessment attendees are prepared to perform better right after joining professional jobs.
Practical Translation:
This is for you if… you want to develop your practical translation skills and deepen you theoretical knowledge of the subject in preparation to enter the profession or to embark on further practical work in the field.
This course will prepare you for work in the translation professions and provide the ideal foundation if you want to progress further in Translation art. You will practice translating between languages of your choice and gaining a thorough grounding in translation.

Extensive English Learning and Professional Development Program
A tested and effective 2 months English learning program facilitated by professionals, where you can learn:
• A complete and enabling package of English Grammar to meet your professional goals;
• Ways to fine writing and
• Skills for professional development

Language of your choice:
1. English – DEL and short term special programs
2. Arabic
3. France
4. Germane
5. Russian

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