Afghan Writer Translation and Linguistic Services

Afghan Writer offers Translation Services, Professional Development and Publications as a leading professional and credible organization in Afghanistan. Afghan Writer has more than one decade experience in providing quality translation, capacity-building and linguistic services.

As the first translators-in-house company, Afghan Writer has cultivated its status as a pioneer in quality translation and standard linguistic services. Afghan Writer has the creativity to proactively identify perpetually changing demands in the field, as well as the agility to quickly respond to developments in close working relations with the academic institutions.


Competitive advantages:

  • Network of first-class professional translators and linguists;
  • Close working relations with academic institutions and scholars;
  • Fast turnaround deadlines and ensured quality services;
  • Theoretical and practical instruction in translation and linguistics;


Past performance and experience

As the leading translators-in-house company and prestigious institute in Afghanistan, Afghan Writer recruits highly educated and well-trained professionals and maintain a network of professional translators and linguists. All the professionals working in Afghan Writer receive the latest knowledge in the field and coordinate their efforts, researches and findings with the related departments in the National Science Academy and Kabul University.

Having the experience of translating millions of words among different languages during the one decade activity, Afghan Writer has developed widespread working relations and considerable amount of working records.

Afghan Writer has established itself as a reliable address for standard and quality services in translation and linguistics, and developed glossaries and databases that contribute to the enrichment of the languages and enhancement of its own capacity.


Afghan Writer Institute of Translation and Languages 

  • Afghan Writer has developed a tested and practical curriculum for training and teaching translation and languages.
  • Teachers and trainers from Kabul University and Academy of science with sound experience in translation and high academic achievements facilitate the classes.


On successful completion of this module, a student will be able to:

  1. Demonstrate developed skills, methods and techniques in translating different text types from English into Dari and Pashto.
  2. demonstrate knowledge and understanding of a wide range of topic-based vocabulary, idioms and expressions
  3. demonstrate intellectual perspectives on the activity of translation


 Afghan Writer Professional Development Institute 

Afghan Writer professional development institute was founded to facilitate quality and up-to-date and practical training programs. The institute has developed practical and quality curriculum for instruction and training in translation and linguistics. So far three classes of well-trained translators have received the program completion certificates.

Afghan Writer in cooperation with its international partners also offers special training opportunities, field exposures and professional development programs for Afghans outside the country.

  • Short terms courses on Professional Development in India.


Afghan Writer Publications

Afghan Writer translator and writer boards continually work on different useful books to present to the public. Several titles of such books are printed, under print and planned to be printed and published soon.