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Afghan Writer Translation Services

Kabul - Opposite of Selo, 5th district

Our Services

As a leading professional organization in Afghanistan, Afghan Writer (also known as Afghan Likwal) offers premier translation and interpretation services and is the first institute dedicated to training translators and interpreters in the country.

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Professional Translation Services (Texts, Videos, Audios, Slides)

Over 10 years of successful experience 

Network of first-class and qualified translators 

Close working relationships with academic institutions and scholars Memberships in international organizations and associations Unique MIS system 

Fair rates and high-quality work 

Unique glossaries and terminology lists tailored to various settings

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Reliable Interpreting Services

With over a decade of experience, Afghan Likwal excels in quality translation, capacity-building, and linguistic services. Our proactive approach has enabled us to meet the evolving demands of the industry, maintaining close ties with academic institutions both nationally and internationally. Afghan Writer is a central hub for translations in Afghanistan.

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Expert Editing and Proofreading Services

We provide accurate translation services for our language pairs, ensuring detailed comparisons, factual accuracy, and no omissions from the source text. This includes translating and proofreading all footnotes, endnotes, captions, and lists.

We ensure proper punctuation, correct dialects, and natural word choice in Dari and Pashto.

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